hello! i'm nat/markoth! i'm non-binary and i go by they/them pronouns (any pronouns is ok if we're mutuals!) i'm also a minor! (o also i'm on semi-hiatus bc of schoolwork lol)

interests: hollow knight, nebulamancers/pyohato, 8eyes, touhou project, muse dash, helltaker, promare, undertale/deltarune, witch's heart, villainous & more!

twitter / byf / ccs / markoth#7678


i'm usually very shy and i really don't follow back unless i know you from discord. you can always talk to me if you want, though!
(soft-)block me to break mutuals. if i did something wrong or if i interact with someone gross PLEASE let me know!!

dni if you're: nsfw/r18 account, lgbtphobic, terf/gender critical, against xenogenders, against he/him lesbians or she/her gays, hate/are against the ship lacenet, support vivziepop or hazbin hotel, think that pyohato traces/copies dsp/funamusea, proshipper, anti-anti or if you're racist, anti-blm, support "all lives matter" or support "blue lives matter"



click their icons to visit their wiki pages! also there's more but i'm lazy to list them djdsfjh